A root canal helps with repair and preserves a tooth that is deeply damaged or sickened. Removing the damaged area in the root canal procedure, and cleaning that portion. This section is filled and closed after washing.

Symptoms are included in this list:
  • Extreme discomfort when the meal is being chewed.
  • It induces discomfort when we eat cold or hot food.
  • The tooth colour has been changed.
  • There's swelling and tenderness near the gum.

X-rays will reveal a dark patch found at the tip of the roots of the tooth if the tooth is tainted. This sign is called radiolucency, which indicates that the bacteria growing within the tooth has induced changes.

Step By Step Procedure of root canal:
  • Place a layer of rubber in which the treating teeth are poked up.
  • Using a dental drill to carve a hole in the root surface.
  • The dentist can also prevent tooth decay and any loose or weak part of the teeth or filling when the cavity is open.
  • Two methods will measure the length of the tooth. First, X-Ray and second, measurements for electronics
  • Tooth root canal cleaning and reshaping.
  • Sealing and a temporary filling placement.

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Root Canal Treatment procedure steps
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