Are you conscious about your Misaligned or Crooked Teeth?

Crooked Teeth can be a serious concern. Misaligned or oddly positioned teeth can decrease self confidence. That’s the reason, our best dentist in Bangalore keeps an eye on growth of the teeth in infants. When crooked teeth are noticed, our dentist advises it to take preventive measures at early stages itself.

Braces will help your health and boost your look. It can be a good investment for those with misaligned teeth and it can help improve oral health. Get your perfectly aligned teeth and perfect Smile at the best dental clinic in Bangalore, ToothAffair.

But did you know that wearing braces has far more advantages than simply getting straight teeth? Apart from the aesthetic advantages of braces, there are also a range of health benefits that braces patients will undergo. In certain cases people with orthodontic disorders will not be aware of the risks involved with improper or misaligned teeth.

To truly understand all the advantages of braces, it helps to understand how they really function. Common braces are usually made of metal or ceramic clips that we mount to the teeth. Then we'll use wires and tiny rubber bands to tie them together, exerting gentle pressure in particular directions. This is what will gradually shift the teeth to the desired locations.It's recognised that orthodontics can help you get a straighter, more beneficial smile.Braces will also help to reshape the jawline by dissolving the bone and replacing it with new bone growth to protect the teeth in their new places. In addition to being extremely reliable and cost-effective.

Braces can fix a variety of dental problems. Reasons for opting dental braces:
  1. Misaligned Teeth
  2. Not properly oriented Jaw Structure
  3. Excessive spacing or gap between teeth
  4. Overlapping of Teeth
  5. Difficulties in eating (chewing / Biting)

It's real that orthodontic braces will give you a stunning smile. Our team of professionals here at ToothAffair, the best dental clinic in Bangalore encourages you to consider the other good benefits that can come with wearing braces and how they can boost your oral health.

The benefits of braces are:

  1. Improved jaw alignment : Misaligned teeth can have a significant effect on the jaw muscles and joints. When the jaws are required to adjust for the incorrect positioning, the joints can inflict injury. That's why jaw problems and misaligned teeth sometimes go hand-in-hand. With personalized braces from our best dentist, you can properly align your teeth positioning.
  2. Improved chewing : It is common to have a difficult time swallowing or chewing food with misaligned teeth. With the proper teeth, chewing can be an easy task. Achieve proper teeth with our dental braces.
  3. Improved digestion : You do not associate your teeth with how well your digestive system functions, but chewing your food is the first and most critical step in the digestive process. If you are unable to chew correctly due to misaligned teeth, it can have an adverse effect on the entire digestive system. When the teeth have trouble breaking down food correctly, food moves into the digestive tract even more slowly. Get the dental braces from best dental clinic in Bangalore
  4. Improved speech : Misaligned teeth can influence the placement of the tip of the tongue, which is essential to properly form certain sounds. By aligning the teeth, braces are also able to fix this form of speech problem, helping the tongue to be correctly positioned. Get our best dentist's most effective solution.
  5. Improved oral health : Brushing and flossing should be a regular part of everyone’s daily hygiene routine.But when you have teeth that are uneven, crowded, or overlapping, it can be hard to keep them clean. This will create ideal conditions for plaque and bacteria to accumulate, which will raise the risk of problems like:
    • 1. tooth decay
    • 2. gum disease
    • 3. cavities
    • 4. Gingivitis (inflammation of the gums, or gingiva)

    While these kinds of dental diseases are normal, they can be avoided. Orthodontic care as a brace will shift the teeth to a more optimal location, making oral hygiene simpler and more efficient. This decreases the risk for developing unhealthful teeth and gums.

  6. Helps to prevent bone erosion : It will gradually weaken or ruin the bone under the teeth if tartar and plaque are left to build up between the teeth and along the gum line over time. This may cause swelling of the gums, minor bleeding, and may also cause loose teeth. When a tooth comes out the gums can be eroded. Similarly, visible holes or openings between the teeth may produce the same kind of bone erosion because the misalignment places so much strain on the jawbone. Braces may put teeth back together, relieving this strain along with it and any accompanying effects.

Here at ToothAffair, the best dental clinic in bangalore, we make teeth straight! For our patients, we are happy to create wonderfully matched and fully functional smiles. Our staff works tirelessly to ensure consistent contact and attentive treatment so that your experience with orthodontics is satisfying from start to finish. We are passionate about developing life-long relationships and we are happy to welcome you to our clinic at Indiranagar, Thippasandra and Akash nagar.

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