Is your child a chocoholic ? Are you worried about your child's habit of sweet Tooth?

Then you have to keep an eye on the amount of chocolates or sweet candy your children eat everyday. Among infants, cavities are more common.Children of early ages develop more cavities due to over eating of chocolates and sweet candies. As per the survey results, Every Second or third child in India has cavities.

However, chocolates are not always the main culprit. The amount of sugar present in them causes cavities in kids. The higher amount of sugar present in them damages your kid’s teeth from the roots. Not only chocolates or candies are the sources of sugar, even other sweets like cake, pastries, creamy biscuits, ice creams etc add to it. As a result, Kids can end up having cavities (tooth decay ) which can lead to other types of dental problems.

Cavities refer to tooth decay that occurs when there is destruction of tooth enamel (outer layer of teeth). There are Certain forms of bacteria which are present in the mouth that feed on sugar. These bacteria in the form of plaque react with sugar and turn sugar into acid and destroy the enamel of the tooth.Dental plaque is the oily, slimy material often made up of the germs that cause rotting of the tooth, binds to the teeth, and eats the enamel away.

Because of poor dietary habits and insufficient oral hygiene. Dental plaque, a filmy deposit on the surface of a tooth consisting of a mixture of fungi, bacteria, food, etc are developed frequently on Kids’ teeth. If your child has toothaches or any holes are visible on tooth surfaces then it is the symbol of cavity. This can further lead to tooth decay or tooth loss. Consult our best dentist in Bangalore at Tooth Affair Dental Clinic.

Particularly in infants, dental plaque and cavities are not a matter to be overlooked as it grows over time and can make their oral health worse. It is important to visit the dentist to have their teeth tested, in addition to teaching your child healthy dental practises such as cleaning teeth daily, keeping them from eating lots of treats and serving them safe and balanced meals.

Primary teeth can get cavities and dental infections can be formed by permanent ones. A dangerous, contagious and transmissible disease that can spread rapidly and lead to infection without proper precautions is tooth decay, especially in baby teeth. The positive thing, though, is that it's avoidable and treatable.

Steps for Preventing Decay

  1. First, Parents / guardians should start differentiating between their kid’s good and bad oral habits.
  2. Make kids understand the serious effects of eating an excess of sugary chocolates and candies and how their oral health can be threatened.
  3. Teach good oral care habits like properly brushing their teeth (at least for two minutes) twice a day.
  4. Motivate them for brushing, by allowing them to choose a fun toothbrush and toothpaste flavor.
  5. Feed them nutritious and balanced meals
  6. Set a routine dental check-up and pediatric dental cleaning by the best dentist in Bangalore who can keep your kids’ teeth and oral health in good condition.

Steps to Treat Cavities

Cavities in children may be handled by multiple therapies, such as

  1. Dental sealant: It preserves teeth as children are more vulnerable to decay. This is cost effective compared to filling.
  2. Fluoride varnish: This is a dark liquid with a thin disposable brush painted on the teeth. This enhances teeth enamel and can help prevent dental decay.

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