In Office Bleaching

In Office Teeth Bleaching or whitening is the most common procedure for obtaining absolute white teeth. Tooth bleaching method whitens beyond the natural color and is carried out in various ways including bleaching pen, bleaching gel, bleaching strips, natural bleaching, laser bleaching and swabbing.

This dental service is one of the most preferred and recommended cosmetic dentistry services for cleaning discolored teeth. Our dental clinic is the one-stop solution for In-Office Vital Tooth Bleaching service, which is generally carried out using a light-cured protective layer. This layer is carefully painted on the gums as well as the gum tips (papilla) for reducing the risk of chemical burns to the soft tissues.

Our dentist examines the patients thoroughly and collects details on the health and dental history (including sensitivities). Depending on the examination, we adopt the most appropriate method to perform the whitening procedure. We make use of highest quality and medically proven bleaching agent in the In Office Bleaching Systems.

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