As you all might know, ToothAffair, The Best Dental Clinic in Bangalore is opened to deliver dental care facilities to all of our patients again.

The one thing we are most worried about during this Pandemic is our Patience’s Health as well as our own Safety. We can’t risk anybody's life so we are pleased to inform you all that we, Tooth Affair dental Clinic are delivering dental services with our team of best dentists in Bangalore with full protection against all kinds of microorganisms like bacterias, viruses etc. which are not visible with our naked eyes. Hence, Preventing the risk of infections.
It has long been a common practise for the entire dental care staff to wear protective clothing, including gloves, surgical masks and eye safety equipment, to reduce the possibility of spreading germs from one patient to another.

The COVID 19 pandemic has affected our lives in a lot of ways, and your priority should be to remain safe through this period. An significant part of your general health is your oral health. We want you to improve your oral health in these uncommon or non regular days. If you have any queries, please book your appointment with us.

Visiting Dental Clinic:

  1. You should always wear a mask while visiting the best dental Clinic, ToothAffair
  2. Your body temperature levels will be checked at the entrance.
  3. You are provided with disinfectants like sanitizers to sanitize your hands while entering the clinic.
  4. The waiting chairs are kept away from each other at the waiting or reception Area
  5. You are advised not to bring children or senior / old people. If they require the dental service, We will do Home Visits for old and bed ridden patients
  6. We are providing paper towels instead of cloth Towels
  7. We disinfect the regions of contact like door handles, reception chairs etc as soon as the patient leaves with sanitizing machines so that it can be safe for other patients.

With all these above simple moves, you're 100% safe for your dental appointments with us! Visit ToothAffair for more information about your Oral Health.

To learn more about oral hygiene visit Tooth Affair in Bangalore. Contact now to book an appointment -  080-37518704 / 9606305454